READY Hall County

Your Family's Safety

Hall County Emergency Management Agency encourages you to take an active interest in your family's safety. It is our goal that all residents will be ready to maintain self-sufficiency for 72 hours following a disaster. Here you will find the tools you need to prepare for a potential emergency, create a disaster kit and make a family disaster plan.

Preparing For All Emergencies

Hall County is working with officials in the federal, state, local and private sectors to prevent and respond to all types of emergencies, which contributes to a level of state and national preparedness that is critical to securing our state and county. However, a vigilant public increases the likelihood of coming through a disaster safely.

In the Event of an Emergency

In the event of an emergency, tune in to local radio, television and newspaper outlets for up-to-date information from Hall County Emergency Management Agency. Shelter locations and other pertinent information will be announced through those sources.

Radio Tower