Recording Plats

The subdivision of property is done as either a major or minor subdivision as defined in the Hall County Ordinance. Minor subdivisions are defined and a simple split of property creating no more than 2 lots from 1 piece of property within a 12-month period. All other subdivisions are seen as major subdivisions.

Minor Subdivisions
First, make an appointment with a planner on our staff to confirm that it is possible to make the subdivision in question. If an on-site septic system or on-site well is to be used for the primary water source you should check with the Environmental Health Department for Hall County for additional requirements and standards.

Next, after this is confirmed contact a certified land surveyor and have them create the new plat for the property indicating the new lots created. Then, with at least 2 copies, start with the Environmental Health Department for Hall County to have them stamp the plat. This approval may take some time depending on the their requirements regarding the amount of usable soils and on-site creeks, etc. Sometimes this can take 2 weeks or more. Once they have stamped the plat for recording return to our office for our stamp. Afterwards, take the plat to the Hall County Deeds and Records Room located at 116 Spring Street, the basement of the Hall County Courthouse Annex building.  They will record the plat and retain 1 copy for the department.

Major Subdivisions

The major subdivision process is more involved and most often includes the design of new roads or creation of multiple lots off an existing road right-of-way. It will in most cases involve the assistance of a certified civil engineering firm and possibly may require a special use or rezoning of the subject property.