Duties & Responsibilities

This office is responsible for voter registration for Hall County and all municipalities in the county. In addition, this office is responsible for the following duties:
  • Qualifying candidates seeking election
  • Arranging for the printing of ballots and programming the vote tabulator
  • Coordinating all poll workers and supplies used at the polls and polling locations
  • Consolidating of election results
Hall County Government Center


The 2018 General Primary Election will be held on May 22, 2018. For more information, view the Election Information Sheet concerning the upcoming election here.

*Click here for polling location information for the May 22, 2018 General Primary*
                          ***2018 GENERAL PRIMARY CANDIDATES***

Election Resources

*This is a “composite sample ballot”.  It includes all offices that will be voted in Hall County; some offices may not appear on your ballot at the time of voting.  Please refer to your voter registration card for districts, wards, etc.; or contact the Hall County Elections Office directly, 770-531-6945; or, access the website here.

Applications to Become a Poll Official

The Hall County Board of Elections is seeking motivated people, who can endure long hours (6 a.m. to approximately 9:30 p.m.), to work as Poll Officials for the upcoming election. All workers are required to attend a 2-hour training class required for all Poll Officials prior to each election. Fill out a Poll Official Application (PDF) to apply.