Uniform Patrol

The Uniform Patrol Division, commanded by Captain Joe Carter, is responsible for providing first responder law enforcement service to all residents of the county.

Patrol System
The Sheriff's Office operates a patrol system utilizing 15 districts. The county is generally divided in half, with the patrol shifts operating out of north and south precincts. The North Precinct, comprising patrol districts 1-7, is commanded by 1st Lt. Brad Rounds, with 2nd Lt. Chris Dale as the Assistant Precinct Commander. The South Precinct, comprising patrol districts 8-15, is commanded by 1st Lt. Brian Pearson, with 2nd Lt. Joe Groover serving as the Assistant Precinct Commander.
Patrol Districts
Operationally, the precincts mirror each other, with a system of overlapping shifts to ensure more manpower availability during peak hours. Within that system, the shifts are supervised by 10 sergeants (5 for each precinct) that serve as Watch Commanders, overseeing a total patrol force of 68 deputies. These deputies are responsible for answering all calls for assistance from the public, conducting preliminary investigations of suspicious or criminal activity, investigating motor vehicle crashes, and enforcing state laws and local ordinances.

In addition to their first responder duties, Deputies of the Uniform Patrol division also conduct specialized operations by serving in the Crime Prevention Unit.