Jury Duty & Courts Division

About the Division
The Jury Duty and Courts division works in conjunction with the Council of Superior Court Clerks to add and/or delete jurors from the jury pool and update traverse and grand jury pools annually.

Duties & Responsibilities
This division is responsible for managing all aspects of the jury selection process for trial and grand jurors. The duties of this division include:
  • Mailing summons to jurors when a list is drawn
  • Checking jurors in as they appear for service
  • Preparing and managing of jury strike lists and questionnaires for attorneys
  • Swearing an oath to jurors,
  • Reading verdicts,
  • Postponing jury service,
  • Excusing jurors with a legal reason,
  • Keeping up with the number of days a juror serves
  • Preparing and mailing checks to jurors after their service has concluded
Coordinating With Other Courts & News Sources
Jury Clerks report to the Superior Court and State Court judges all necessary information regarding jurors before, during, and after jury trial weeks. A jury list is sent to the local media approximately 1 week before they report. This division also mans the receipt room outside the state courtroom and receipts monies for fines imposed by the judge following a courtroom appearance.

Jury Duty Summons

Jurors that receive a summons must call 770-531-7030 on Friday before their report date, to see what time, or if, they are supposed to report.
  1. Current Jury List

    If your name appears on the current jury list, please report to the Hall County Courthouse.

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