Electronic Monitoring

Monitoring Curfew & Restricted Areas
As a condition of the bond, some clients will be ordered to participate in the Electronic Monitoring (EM) Program. EM is a method of monitoring the whereabouts of clients electronically using ankle bracelets. The bracelet will send an electronic signal if a client enters into a restricted area or violate curfew. For example, if a client is restricted from leaving their home from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. and he/she leaves their home within that time, the ankle bracelet will signal the EM contractor.

Monitoring Drug & Alcohol Use

Also included in EM is an electronic breathalyzer that is installed in the client's home. The client is required to submit to a test at pre-determined intervals. The client who is monitored electronically could be required to report to the Pre-Trial office to submit to random drug screens and alcohol/drug assessments as part of their conditions. Office contacts are also scheduled for clients to discuss any non-compliant issues as well as other relevant issues as required.