Hall County Strategic Plan

In 2017, Hall County updated its Comprehensive Plan and its Service Delivery Strategy agreement
to meet the goals of a growing community. Both documents contain blueprints for serving current
residents while accommodating future growth through investing in infrastructure, streamlining regulatory
processes, and balancing future development with rural and greenspace preservation. County
leaders also recognized the importance of identifying priorities based on limited available resources.
Leadership in Hall County desired clearly defined action plans with realistic goals and objectives consistent
with achieving identified work priorities, the end result of which is this strategic plan.

Strategic planning is planning with the end in mind. From the outset, Hall County has emphasized
the importance of gathering meaningful input on what its priorities should be. As the strategic planning
process is as important as the plan itself, Hall County administration engaged a wide spectrum
of stakeholders to inform its decision-making. Stakeholder input around the county’s greatest needs
and prioritization of strategies to achieve those needs make up the core of this plan document.
Through an eight-month process, the Steering Committee identified and prioritized issues, conducted
stakeholder input, and drafted the plan document around the following five priority areas:

Economic and Workforce Development
Quality of Life
Internal Operations

Within those five priority areas are 20 action items, both short-term and long-term. Short-term
items will begin within the next fiscal year (FY 2019), and long-term items will commence after
FY 2019. The planning horizon for the strategic plan is 10 years.

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