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October 26, 2018 11:14 AM

Georgia Dept. of Agriculture Animal Shelter Report 10.23.18

Over the last couple of weeks, the County has received numerous media inquiries concerning a litter of eight puppies that were taken into the Hall County Animal Shelter in late September. These inquiries stemmed from allegations of mistreatment of the animals within the shelter. On advice from legal counsel, we could not answer medical questions about the specific animals because that information is protected by Georgia law. Our staff looked into these allegations of wrongdoing at the shelter and found no evidence to support them.

The shelter is licensed through the Georgia Department of Agriculture. In order to maintain the license, the shelter undergoes an inspection by the Department of Agriculture 2-4 times per year. The Dept. of Agriculture also looks into allegations of problems within shelters. Therefore, the Dept. of Agriculture did an investigation into a consumer complaint regarding the litter of puppies. We have received the Animal Protection Inspection Reports from their investigation. We are pleased to say, that the reports show the shelter did not violate any protocols, policies, or procedures in the treatment of the puppies. These reports are a public record and can be found on our website:

As always, Hall County will continue to monitor the services provided by each of our divisions.

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