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Posted on: April 30, 2015

Story of lifesaving dog shared for Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

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In recognition of April 30th as "National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day," the Hall County Animal Shelter would like to recognize a shelter dog whose heroic actions saved the life of another shelter pet.

A 2-year-old pit bull mix named Star gave birth to a litter of puppies at the shelter recently, but officials say she began hemorrhaging from her uterus shortly after giving birth.

"She was very close to death unless we did something," Shelter Veterinarian Dr. Meghan Seabolt said. "So we decided to take a chance and give her a blood transfusion and spay her to remove the uterus."

Before that could take place, Dr. Seabolt had to find a suitable donor. After looking over the Shelter's current inventory of animals, Veterinarian Technician Sammie Dalton chose Murphy, a sweet, healthy, 1-year-old Labrador/Great Dane mix.

"We needed an animal that was strong and healthy and well behaved," Dr. Seabolt said. "Murphy is certainly all of those things and more."

Star needed two separate blood transfusions, so blood was drawn from Murphy's neck twice, producing 60 milliliters of blood each time.

"He stood still and never even flinched," said Seabolt.

Although the surgery was successful, Seabolt said she was not certain if Star would make it through the night, but she did and made a full recovery in a loving home. She said it is important for pet owners to know that Star's near death incident could have been prevented if she had been spayed to prevent the pregnancy.

Star is not the only pet who was saved, however.

"It took some time, but eventually someone also came to adopt Murphy, the loving dog who selflessly gave of himself to save the life of a fellow pet," said Cindy Langman, program coordinator for the Hall County Animal Shelter.

She said Murphy is just one example of the extraordinary, loving pets they have available for adoption at the shelter.

"The purpose of 'National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day' is to raise awareness of the thousands of pets that are waiting for someone to adopt them," Langman said. "We hope Murphy's story inspires others to celebrate this unofficial holiday with us by welcoming a shelter pet into their home."

Anyone interested in learning more about the Hall County Animal Shelter is asked to call 678-450-1587. A list of available pets and more information can also be found online at

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