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1. What is property taxation?
2. What property is taxed?
3. Who decides how much my property is worth for tax purposes?
4. What if I disagree with the Tax Assessors' value or the estimate notice?
5. What is the difference between fair market value and assessed value?
6. What is a millage rate and how is it set?
7. How is my tax statement calculated ?
8. When will I receive a property tax statement?
9. When is my tax statement due?
10. Can the interest and penalty be waived since I did not receive a tax statement?
11. I closed my business and/or no longer own personal property (boats, airplanes, equipment, etc.). Do I have to pay tax?
12. What if I get a tax statement for a piece of property I have sold?
13. What if I have a new home or property?
14. How can I change my mailing address on my tax statement?
15. Do you send my tax statement to my mortgage company?
16. Is there any way to reduce my tax liability?
17. What is and how do I file for homestead exemption?
18. Where do I get a copy of my warranty deed?
19. Do I pay tax on my mobile / modular home?
20. Will paying my taxes late affect my credit?
21. May I pay my tax without a tax statement?
22. Who do I make the checks payable to?
23. What are other fees on my statement?
24. Do you accept postmarks?
25. Where do property tax dollars go?