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1. Do we sell tax liens?
2. When will the next tax sale be held?
3. Where is the tax sale at, and at what time does it begin?
4. Is a list of the liens that will be up for sale provided?
5. Do you need to register for the sale and is there a fee for this?
6. What forms of payment do we accept?
7. What happens to the liens that are not sold at the auction?
8. Can you bid without attending (via mail, or a representative)?
9. If you do end up with the property, does the county handle the redemption process?
10. What kind of deed will you receive when sale has closed and taxes have been satisfied?
11. Will title companies insure the title?
12. What is the redemption period?
13. Who can redeem the property?
14. What is the redemption fee?
15. Can the buyer of the property at a tax sale, take possession of the property?
16. If a property is bought at a tax sale and there is a current resident on the property, can the buyer charge rent?