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Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Division, commanded by Captain Sean McCusker, is tasked with investigating reports of criminal acts, as well as taking proactive measures to prevent crimes from occurring. Investigators are responsible for case development activities, including locating and recovering stolen property, gathering and processing forensic evidence from crime scenes, and interrogating criminal suspects. Investigators then compile and organize this information before presenting it to the courts for prosecution.

The Criminal Investigations Division is divided into four specific units: criminal investigation, crime scene unit, multi-agency narcotics squad, and property and evidence. The Hall County Sheriff's Office has developed partnerships with local and Federal agencies to provide a unified response to certain illegal activities. Currently there are investigators assigned to a FBI task force to combat gang activity and to a DEA task force to focus on drug related crimes.

 Criminal Investigation Units
 Crime Scene Investigations
 Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad (MANS)
 Property & Evidence
 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Criminal Investigation Units

The investigators in the Criminal Investigations Division are divided into two geographic units.

The North Precinct Investigation Unit is supervised by Lieutenant Scott Wiley. The team is responsible for cases originating in the northern half of Hall County and is currently located at 610 Main Street in Gainesville, GA.

The South Precinct Investigation Unit is supervised by Lieutenant Kenny Neece. The team is responsible for cases originating in the southern half of Hall County and is currently located at 610 Main Street in Gainesville, GA. When the Sherriff's Office opens its new South Headquarters near Friendship Road and Spout Springs Road in Fall 2014, the unit will move to that location.

Both units investigate crimes against persons such as physical assaults, domestic violence, threats, phone harassment, missing persons, stalking, rapes, murders, crimes against children, runaway / missing juveniles, and child exploitation. The majority of these cases are felonies, many of which are among the most sensitive cases investigated by law enforcement.

These types of cases are very time consuming to investigate and to prosecute. In most sex crimes, child cruelty, death investigation, assaults, and murder cases, numerous interviews and crime scene searches must be conducted. Search warrants, court orders, neighborhood canvass, and other investigative processes may also be necessary depending upon the individual case.

Additionally, both units investigate crimes against property such as burglary, theft, criminal damage, auto-theft, and any other crime involving property. The unit has investigators specially trained in the fields of tracking stolen vehicles as well as identity theft.

The investigators review police reports generated by Patrol officers and help in developing leads in those cases. Many times a suspect is involved in more than one crime, and the investigator will attempt to link that suspect with any other crimes they may have been involved in. They also coordinate with investigators from other agencies in order to identify suspects and coordinate efforts across jurisdictional boundaries.

Lieutenant Scott Wiley
North Precinct Investigations Supervisor

Lieutenant Kenny Neece
South Precinct Investigations Supervisor

Crime Scene Investigations

The Hall County Sheriff's Office crime scene investigator (CSI) is a Georgia certified identification technician. The CSI is tasked with the processing of major case crime scenes with the Sheriff's Office. Assisting the primary CSI is (1) crime scene technician who is trained in processing and collecting evidence under the direction of the CSI.

Crime scene investigation plays a vital role in modern law enforcement, with the processing and documentation of crime scenes playing a critical role in the prosecution of criminal cases. The modernization of evidence handling procedures and maintenance of a professional and efficient crime scene unit is imperative for successful prosecution of any criminal case.

Investigator Cameron Durham

Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad (MANS)

The Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad (MANS) consists of a group of specially trained investigators that focus their efforts on combating drug crimes, ranging from street-level sales and use, all the way through mid and upper level trafficking organizations. The unit is supervised by Lieutenant Scott Ware. This unit is made up of a combination of Hall County Sheriff's Office employees and officers from the Gainesville Police Department.

The unit also investigates crimes involving prostitution, gambling, and illegal alcohol sales, among others. Additionally, they are responsible for gathering and interpreting criminal intelligence information pertaining to the persons involved in these crimes.


General inquiries

Property & Evidence

The Hall County Sheriff's Office property and evidence section is responsible for cataloging and inventorying items seized as evidence after they are submitted to the evidence room or crime lab for processing until needed for court. Items turned into this range from lost / recovered property to evidentiary items in rape, homicide, drug, and weapons cases.

The effective investigation and prosecution of a criminal offender relies heavily on the careful, methodical, and proper use and handling of evidence. It is the responsibility of the property and evidence section to maintain not only the integrity of each item of evidence, but the integrity of its chain of custody as well. Stringent safeguards are in place to ensure all property coming through the section is processed in accordance with state law and departmental policies and procedures, helping to ensure the item's evidentiary value in court.


Criminal Investigations Contact
Captain Sean McCusker
610 Main Street SW
Gainesville, GA

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