Land Use & On-Site Sewage Management

Permit or Application
Advanced Treatment Operating System Requirements (PDF)
Board of Health Lot Size Resolution (PDF)
Existing On-Site Sewage System Performance Evaluation (PDF)
This provides a search of existing septic records and a site evaluation of the existing septic system on the property. This service is often required for adoption, resale, refinance, removing an existing mobile home and building a house, or replacing an existing mobile home.  This service is also required to add additional structures to property.
Plat Approval (PDF)
Septage Removal Permit Application (PDF)
This permit for septic haulers.
Septic Tank Application Requirements (PDF)
Septic Tank Permit Application (PDF)
This permit is for residential, commercial, repair, and modification applications.
Site Prior to Purchase (PDF)
This provides a site visit of the property in question to evaluate it for an on-site sewage system. This may require a soil evaluation.
Civil Plan Review Checklist for Subdivisions and Commercial Developments to be served by on-site sewage systems can be found on the Planning and Zoning pages.