Pre-Trial Services

About the Program

The Pre-Trial Services Program has been in operation since November 1998. This program is designed with the objective to reduce the pre-adjudication jail population. Release of eligible defendants prior to adjudication helps ease the financial burden to Hall County taxpayers while insuring the risk to the community is minimized. This is accomplished by Pre-Trial carefully screening defendants with pending felony charges. Once the defendant meets the criteria for release, he/she will be supervised by Pre-Trial Services as a condition of the bond.

Assessment to Determine Eligibility

Pre-Trial Officers conduct assessment interviews with selected defendants to determine if the defendant is suitable to be released from incarceration while awaiting adjudication. This assessment interview may be conducted at the Hall County Detention Center. If all requirements are met and appropriate authorities agree to release the defendant from incarceration, a bond order which cites the conditions of release is prepared and submitted for consideration/signature. The Superior Court Judge to whom the case is assigned then reviews the recommended conditions. He or she may add or remove conditions of the bond or decline to authorize the release of the defendant. The client reads and signs an agreement to the conditions of the bond and is then released from incarceration.