Hall County Government Center Public Art Program

Hall County Government is issuing its second open call for artists to participate in the Hall County Government Center Public Art Program.

“County employees, visitors and citizens have been very complimentary of the works that have been on display since the beginning of 2017, and we are looking forward to highlighting new artists and new artwork during the second half of the year,” said Hall County Administrator Randy Knighton. 

Knighton said the County is looking for artists who are interested in displaying their two-dimensional works of art for a period of approximately six months at the Browns Bridge Road campus.

Once again, up to 25 pieces of art that reflect Hall County’s logo, “We have it all in Hall,” will be placed on the second, third and fourth floor of the building for the enjoyment of the public.

 “I’d like to thank the Board of Commissioners for their continued support of local art and this program,” Knighton said.  “It is an honor to participate in making this incredible art available to the citizens at large.”

The deadline for submissions is May 17.  Artwork is expected to be installed by July 1, and artists will be invited to be recognized during one of the Hall County Board of Commissioners’ regularly scheduled voting meetings.  

For more information, including the necessary paperwork to be filled out by interested artists, please click on the links below. 

****The following forms must be completed in order to have artwork considered for the Hall County Government Center Public Art Program: 

1. Call for Artists Form
2. Rules and Regulations Form

Hall County Government Center Public Art Policy

We want to create an open forum for Public Art to contribute to the visual character of Hall County Government facilities, make public art and artistic experiences available to the public and provide exhibition opportunities for local artists, including students and Hall County employees.  In that spirit, the County values art that is suitable for all participants, while respecting a range of opinions and points of view.

Art should not contain advertising, solicitations; advocate illegal activity or violence; promote events not sponsored by the County, services, products or political organizations; infringe on copyrights, trademarks or intellectual property rights of others.

Artwork should not contain vulgar images, sexually explicit subject matter or derogatory or offensive content.

Art should not contain personal or defamatory images depicting a person’s age, education, ethnicity, race, family status, gender, national origin, class, physical ability or qualities, religion, sexual orientation, thought process or personality.

A piece of art represents the viewpoint of the artist and does not imply endorsement or agreement by Hall County Government, its elected officials or employees.

Artwork should not endorse candidates or a particular stance on current ballot measures. 

Artists will be responsible for transportation and removal of their art to and from County facilities.

Hall County Government will not be responsible for any damages to the art that may occur during the display period.

The County reserves the right to determine which art pieces are and are not acceptable for its facilities, and any artwork may be prohibited.  Submission of artwork constitutes acceptance of this policy, which may be revised at any time.